Why InList Is So Revolutionary

In connection to an article published at Maxim: http://www.maxim.com/maxim-man/clubs/article/future-bottle-service

“Michael lit the flame,” says one of Bello’s Haitian accomplices, restaurateur Lorraine Silvera, a paintbrush in one hand touching up her beachfront home at Cabique. “He’s a practitioner. He’s completely devoted and he’s done such a great amount in such a brief timeframe.” Capponi is not only devoted to helping the needy, but he’s also devoted to InList.

michael capponi

InList isn’t a run of the mill app. It’s a member’s only app designed specifically for those who are of “VIP” status. In the world are a ubiquity of cities that have vibrant nightlife. That nightlife will range across the gamut of exclusivity; from drunken college keg parties to exclusive ball-room entertainment on the high-rise suite of some downtown skyscraper. Should the frat boys be at the high-rise? Well; not unless they’re of the VIP variety!

Michael Capponi is one of the people primarily responsible for this revolutionary app for the elite. It’s definitely possible to find the party if one looks; but sometimes there are events one would like to attend of one’s own volition. This app is designed to keep out the undesirables which necessarily crash most parties, while simultaneously taking away the inconvenience of the footwork involved finding a night’s entertainment.

Where’s the fun if half the day is spent fussing over the details? With InList, finding the hottest spots in over twenty different cities can be as easy as turning on an app. For those in the know, it makes sense to stay in the know. Certainly one of the best ways to do that is with InList.